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Diane Carlson Evans

Diane Carlson Evans watched her brothers, neighbors, and other male friends be shipped off to Vietnam, and knew she had to go as well. After completing nursing school in her home state of Minnesota, Evans registered for the Army Nurse Corps and never looked back. “How could the Army have trained us? War is the only training for war.” A nurse in two different hospitals and head nurse of one, Evans experienced every faction of the war: sexism, sexual assault, witnessing countless men, women and children die, and commrodary that helped her come to terms with her time in Vietnam. Thirty years after she returned home from the war, Evans recognized the horrible treatment Vietnam veterans received, especially the women of the war, and founded the Women’s Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C.. Evans recounts her tumultuous experience and her revolutionary actions that still impact women in the military today. 

Conversation with Diane Carlson Evans
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