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Dorothea Beatty

Dotty Beatty finished her three year nursing program in Rochester, Minnesota and was approached by AirForce recruiters who told her, “These young men need nurses, and you’re a good nurse.” Shortly after, Beatty signed up for the AirForce and was sent to Vietnam. Unfamiliar with the country of Vietnam and the Vietnam War, Beatty was intrigued to have an adventure, but was met with the most traumatic experience of her life. When she arrived, she quickly learned that, “There are no rules in war,” and that war is chaos. Dotty was assigned to the ICU of her hospital in Cam Ranh Bay, meaning she saw the deepest horrors of the war multiple times a day, 7 days a week. Beatty does not remember the names of the thousands of soldiers, both American and Vietnamese, and Vietnamese civilians, including women and children, she saved or watched die. Recently, Dotty battled Breast Cancer due to Agent Orange exposure, but is more resilient than ever. Beatty recalls the horrors she witnessed, her life-long battle with PTSD, and how today she immerses herself in nature to cope with the war. 

Conversation with Dorothea Beatty
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