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Penni Evans

Conversation with Penni Evans
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Penni Evans was always fascinated with traveling after she graduated from Sonoma State University. When she found out about the Donut Dollies Program by the Red Cross, she thought it would be a perfect opportunity to finally see the world. As a political science major, Evans was very aware of the Vietnam War and the politics that created it, yet she never participated in any anti-war demonstrations. Evans felt that the American population should not have treated the young American men who were forced to go to war as enemies, and the anti-war sentiment drove her to volunteer as a Donut Dolly to support troops in combat. Donut Dolly volunteers had to be college educated and were helicoptered throughout Vietnam to various firebases, landing zones, and areas with heavy combat to boost soldiers’ morale. Evans recounts her interactions with soldiers, her duties as a Donut Dolly, and her life-long battle with severe PTSD.

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