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Sandra Lockney Davis

"Dr. Davis witnessed the best and the worst of human nature. She was the belle of the ball in Korea, but barely escaped a stalker, faced a soldier who broke into her quarters in VietNam, survived routine mortar attacks, chopper flights, and getting kicked out of the 1st Infantry Division. She met generals, political dignitaries and a future President of the Phillippines, buther best memories are of the young, brave, polite, fun-loving, and appreciative soldiers to whom she pays tribute. For them she would do
it all again." - Sandra Lockney Davis from her memoir So, What's a Nice Girl Like You Doing in a Place Like This, Seoul To Saigon. 

Spencer titled her exhibition this, with Lockney Davis's permission, of course. 

Click below to download Sandra Lockney's SVAC Presentation (more photographs)

Conversation with Sandra Lockney Davis
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