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Dan LeBlanc

Conversation with Dan LeBlanc
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In November of 1964, Dan LeBlanc fulfilled his lifelong dream of enlisting in the Marine Corps. As he could not afford college, the Marine Corps was a great option to jumpstart his life. In boot camp, Le Blanc trained to be a Naval Air Technician, but due to a shortage of medevac gunners upon his arrival in Vietnam, LeBlanc and all technicians became gunners. Le Blanc flew in and out of the DMZ on medevac missions, one of which he was shot in his right arm. Eventually, he had to amputate it. LeBlanc recounts his combat experiences, his journey home (see the photographed telegrams above), his life as an amputee, and his career of helping amputee veterans. LeBlanc also wrote a memoir about his time in Vietnam, Deckhouse: My story.

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