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Dave Little

Conversation with Dave Little
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Dave Little graduated from West Point in 1963 and joined the Marines shortly after, vaguely aware of the conflict beginning in Vietnam. In 1965, living in Hawaii with his wife and newborn son, Little was given five hours to pack and deploy to Vietnam. Little was attached to one of the first Marine units to land in Vietnam and served as a 2nd Lieutenant, his main responsibility being a platoon leader for daily and nightly patrols. Marine Corps platoon leaders during the Vietnam War had a two-week life expectancy, and a 7 second life expectancy in combat. Today, Little researches Killed In Action veterans from the Vietnam War and works to award them posthumous medals (see photographs above for the Silver Star he helped get awarded to Lt. Philip Sauer). In the conversation, both Little and his wife, Betty, recount his night patrols, specifically the "intensity"and "darkness" he encountered, his immense responsibility as a platoon leader, and the life long affects of the war.

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