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Ed Carr

Conversation with Ed Carr
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After completing his freshman year of college, Ed Carr felt as though he needed an adventure, so he went to the Marine Corps recruitment office: "War was only a word to me then." Before arriving in Vietnam, Carr attended boot camp at Paris Island and language school in Del Mar, CA. When he arrived in Vietnam, he was assigned as the forward observer for Fox Trot Battery, 2nd Battalion, 11th Marines. For 10 months, Carr was in the middle of heavy combat, and after Operation Meade River, which he deems as "a suicide mission," Carr, "wanted to quit." He was finally able to be reassigned as a translator for three months before he returned home. Carr cannot recall anything from his first ten years home, for he was riddled with severe PTSD and because the VA offered no support, turned to drugs and alcohol. In his interview, Carr recalls the experience of combat, his life after the war, and his thoughts on the Vietnam War today. 

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