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John Wuethrich

Conversation with John Wuethrich
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In 1967, John Wuethrich's "biggest fear was that the Vietnam War was going to end before [he] could participate." At 21 years old, Wuetrich arrived in Vietnam as a CH46 Pilot. The CH46 is a transportation helicopter similar to a Chinook, and Wuethrich flew it in and out of the DMZ on troop transportation, medevac, and supply missions. At 23 years old, he returned to Vietnam as a CH53 Pilot, and heavily participated in Operation Endsweep, which was the removal of North Vietnamese mines in Haiphong Harbor. After Vietnam, Wuetrich flew for the Army National Guard. Wuetrich recalls his three separate crashes, his responsibilities as a pilot at such a young age, and his overall wartime experience. 

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