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Michael Musso

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In 1966, Mike Musso came home from college, his Dad waiting for him at the front door. His father held up a draft notice and said, "Son, it is simply your turn." Within a year, Musso was in Vietnam repairing various aviation equipment, and eventually became a gunner on a medevac helicopter. Musso flew during the Battle of Khe Sanh, supplying water and taking injured or dead troops out of battle. Musso still experiences PTSD, his duty as a gunner opening his world to unimaginably horrible sights. Musso now volunteers on the USS Midway, which was been a "cathartic" experience for him. In Musso's conversation, he painfully recalls holding a young, violently injured marine that was bleeding out on the floor of the helicopter and saying to him, "You will be home soon." 

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