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Teddy Banks

Conversation with Teddy Banks
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At 17-years-old, Teddy Banks enlisted in the Marine Corps. After serving as security at Guatanemo Bay, Banks was transferred to Camp Pendleton, San Diego, CA, where he was held until he was sent to Vietnam: "I was up for the challenge... but didn't know what I was getting into." When he arrived at LZ Margot in the DMZ, he was not prepared for the events that would later cause him life long PTSD. On Banks's first day, while he was carrying 4 dead marines back to base, he watched a nameless battle buddy get directly hit by a mortar round. Known as "Gunny," Banks and his buddies were referred to as the "Suicide Squad" in Vietnam because of their willingness to complete any mission. Interviewed at the Vietnam War Memorial in Fall River, MA, BAnks reflects on the only name he knows on the wall because he rarely knew boys long enough to learn their names, his Vietnam and Gulf War experiences, and his battle with PTSD.

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